Helmer 105-GX Refrigerator

Our pharmacy refrigerators and freezers offer superior temperature uniformity, advanced alarms and monitoring, integrated access control ensures that your pharmaceuticals, samples, medications and vaccines are protected.

The HPR105-GX is a professional, medical-grade refrigerator designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as medication and vaccine storage. These refrigerators deliver optimised control through temperature, noise and energy management. Helmer refrigerators provide improved performance and user experience through energy efficiency, low noise levels and stable storage environments to safeguard your pharmaceuticals.

Available in under-counter and upright models.

Helmer 111 Refrigerator

The HPR111 is a single door pharmacy refrigerator with a temperature controller and alarm and maximum temperature uniformity. Its superior cabinet construction sets it apart from its competitors.

Available in under-counter and upright models.