Caddy Pro Healthcare Kiosk

The Caddy Pro kiosk is a healthcare kiosk that consists of a variety of health-monitoring devices including a blood pressure monitor, height meter, weighing scale, body composition meter, stress detector and cholesterol meter. Included, is a data checking station where individuals can view their current results, past results and any alerts. Alerts include any unusual signs that their body is showing from their measurements that may require them to see a health specialist.

The system works on relatively new technology that requires individuals to log-in using their finger vein rather than finger print. This prevents their data from being accessed by anyone else and is a safer form of identification than finger-print readers.

The kiosk can be customized to suit any space limitations by customizing the range of devices included in it.

Information gathered from each person’s checks is stored on a cloud-based system. This can be customized based on each organization’s requirements.