Temperature-Controlled Food Trolley

Happy Cart is a market leading food trolley that provides users with both hot and cold temperature control functions. With up to 2 hours of temperature maintenance, it is able to keep patients’ meals fresher for longer, therefore allowing you to serve them better meals. The electromotive technology makes it easy for staff to use and decreases the risk of repetitive injuries and strains on staff from pushing around a heavy cart.

With a variety of safety features in place, Happy Cart ensures staff and general safety while in use and provides patients with a fresher, healthier and tastier meal.


  • ­Current & desired temperature settings

  • Stable drive on sloped surfaces

  • Easy turning and pivot

  • Reverse sensor and blind spot cameras

  • Safe battery charging

  • Door opening sensor

  • Water level detector

Customizable to suit any institution’s needs based on number
of trays and trolley sizes.

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