Benefit Title

1. For re-packaging liquids into unit-dose cups for storage in Onicells cabinets

Benefit Title

2. Ensure patient safety and enhance nursing workflow

-Bar-coded identification
-Excellent inventory control

Benefit Title

3. Can be extend to repackage powders also

Benefit Title

4. Simple to use. No complicated interface




Reduce Time

The ATDPS optimizes patient care and greatly reduces medication preparation time which would reduce manual labour spent on preparation of drugs but without compromising the safety and importance of the dispensing of medications. Eventually this will also lead to a reduction in headcount for the facility as manual tasks have now been taken over by the ATDPS.

Increase Efficiency

The individually package strips facilitate administration and ease the lives of the nurses. The transparent and clearly labelled packages ensure that the nurses can check the medication before dispensing them. This is also further ensured as the names and composition of drugs are printed on the packages. This greatly increases the flexibility of medication dispensing. The grouped packages feature also can pre-dispense medications if your patients are going home for a few days.

Reduce Inventory

The central ATDPS Server would ease the adjustment of production frequency to meet patients’ needs at the touch screen terminal. This would also generate reports for weekly and daily stock-check.

Fast Access

The touch screen interface totally eliminates duplication of data collection as each dispensing can be tracked to a user id of the nurse who dispenses the medication. This complies with the safety standards that drugs require.

Business Opportunity

Your Nursing Home has the opportunity to make this investment as a business opportunity where you are the forerunner in adopting the advanced technology and then become a service provider to other nursing homes which will in turn increase the operational efficiency of those nursing homes.

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