With ScrubEx, scrubs are accessible only to authorized users improving surgeon and staff satisfaction. Now they have the scrubs they need, when they need them.

ScrubEx reengineers surgical scrub distribution within hospitals. The secure machines provide authorised staff with clean scrubs in the right size exactly when they are needed. The linen management department gains real-time insight into inventory and utilization data, which drives proactive service.

Scrub purchasing and laundering costs are reduced by eliminating unauthorized scrub access. The program also drives compliance with AORN Guidelines for Surgical Attire, helping reduce the risk of surgical site infections.

ScrubEx is offered as a capital purchase, or operating dollars can be used with the subscription program – which can produce savings from day one.


With more than 20 years in the healthcare linen industry, ( IPA ) offers the expertise you need to streamline linen management and add savings to your bottom line.

Secure carts allow inventory to be closely tracked and eliminate unauthorized users – driving down replacement and processing costs. Restocking alerts are automatically sent to environmental service staff when a cart needs attention, increasing nurse satisfaction and eliminating the need to hoard linen in patient rooms. Plus, linen is always covered promoting infection prevention.